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Three Common Mistakes People Make ...

When it comes to dog training, there are may different ways to go about doing it. Most techniques used today however, are based upon the idea that positive reinforcement is most likely going to give you the best results. Almost every truly successful dog training system is developed out of positive reinforcement thinking.

No matter which specific training program you as a dog owner choose to use, there are three common mistakes that should be avoided. Some dog owners, without realizing it, are liable to make three serious errors which if avoided will make dog training a far more enjoyable and effective experience.

Please keep in the back of your mind  that 'praise' comes in several forms,  two that I've found used most often are:-

  • Verbal Praise; Consist of voice and hands and is as simple as saying "Your a good dog!" in a happy and joyful voice while giving the dog a pat on the head or a rub on the chest.
  • Food Rewards; Same as above method but include a reward (Kibble) as well as the voice praise.

It's up to you as the dog owner to decide what's best for you! The three most common mistakes are:
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  1. Don’t be Inconsistent With Your Training Methods
  2. Don’t become impatient
  3. Don't Forgetting to Treat Your Dog as a Training Partner

By avoiding these three common mistakes when dog training, you’re more likely to be able to create a training strategy that produces great results. In addition to this, the training experience will be more enjoyable for both you and your dog

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