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Does Your Dog Pull on the Leash? ...

Many dogs pull on the leash. Many trainers have lots of great ways of teaching dogs not to pull on the leash. Some dogs persist in pulling on the leash after we may have exhausted several methods of teaching the dog not to pull.

All methods of "animal" training have some form of praise, a reprimanding noise, a touch, etc to gain the animals attention or let the animal know what that human's noise and/or movements means. So the basis of "animal" training is to train the human to give the correct signal to the animal being trained.

You must remember that 'praise' or the 'reprimand' comes in hundreds of forms and each "beast" is different as to what they react to.

Two "praise" methods which I've had some success with are:-

  • Verbally; Consist of voice and hands and is as simple as saying "Your a good dog!" in a happy and joyful voice while giving the dog a pat on the head or a rub on the chest.
  • Food Rewards; Same as above method but include a reward (Kibble) as well as the voice praise

Obviously there are more..........................

It should also be noted that there are many methods of training animals and it is beyond the extent of this web site to bring them all to you.

Listed below are the a few ways (with added 'names') I've found you can use to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash, obviously you know your dog better than I ever will over the "net", so you can pick the method best suited to you!

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