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Web Notice Posted 31st October 2016
Added a prompt to let the user know if daylight saving is on or not just to aid in determining class times and looking at the calander. Generally clean up code and fixed a few typo's here and there. Looks to be going all ok.

Looking into setting up a new site for mobiles etc...Let us know if you think its a good idea or can help me?

Web Notice Posted 20nd June 2016
Added a Custom Google search to search through the site. It was done in a bid to aid new commers to the site find what they want in a hurry instead of email requests
Web Notice Posted 22nd January 2016
Cleaned up. (Once again). Everything is running smoothly and I've little to announce apart from the drop down notices and thehome page chnages throughout the year. Ok, see you around the grounds at training I have my mate Angus (pictured right snoozing in the sun) with me so we're no easily missed! Remember to say Hi.....
Web Notice Posted 27th February 2014
Well, it been awhile but things seem to be looking after themselves. Did some minor changes here and there and add a new page (Submission Requirements) with all the information about page formats, size etc. if you need to submit articles to us. Ok, see you around the grounds at training I have my mate Angus (pictured right) with me so we're not easily missed! Remember to say Hi.....

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