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Minus What breed of dogs do you train?
We are an ALL breed dog training club (so you can bring any type of dog!) and the club's aim is to help you train your dog and help you be a Responsible Dog Owner.

Minus How old should my dog be?
We accept dogs from 16 weeks of age as long as they have a current Veterinarian Certified C5 vaccination Certificate. We will except dogs of any age (greater than 16 Weeks old) or any breed as we an all breed club but you dog must be vaccinated.

Minus When can I join and what time should I be there?
You can join the club on any Sunday morning before our regular training time (except the days we don't train) It's usually best to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the starting of normal classes. bring your dog, dogs vaccination certificate and our Membership Form to the club house and we'll meet you there.

 By arriving a bit earlier it will give you time to look around and your dog a chance to relax a bit as they may not have seen that many dogs all at one time! 

All new members automatically go into kindergarten on their first day where you will be informed about the club and any you can ask any question that you may have with respect to what we do and what you may want to do with your dog

Minus How much will it cost me?
We have several levels of membership from student to family. All these can seen on the membership form together with the cost structure.

The joining fee is a one off cost and the annual membership fee is due by the 30th July each year. All the details are on the membership form.

There is a weekly 'ground fee' cost which is at present set at $3.00 and allows for your 1hr of training

Minus When do you usually train your dogs?
Generally we train every Sunday morning from around 8:00am to 10:00am.

If you are not already a member you are required to sign up on a Sunday morning, and do kindergarten as a minimum. At this point we can also discuss your training requirements and if you wish to move on to other activities we offer what they require from you to do so.

You can get more details on the times here  Our Training Times'.

Minus What collar or leash do I need?
There several types of collars and leashes commercially available nowadays. Most of these will be explained to you in your Kindergarten class.

We do sell some different types of collars and leashes and can aid you in your selection, however the final choice is up to you. Just use a collar that is fitted correctly and that your comfortable with for you first day and we'll work it out from there. (Harness's are not recommended!)

Minus Is training still on when it's Raining?
The dogs don't mind the rain and will happily join you if you want to, however the under foot conditions must be considered.

We do have authority to decide if we use the grounds after or during rain. You can get more details from the Sutherland Shire Council web site with regard to the ground closure; But usually common sense is the best approach and if you not sure you can ring the club house after 7:15 AM on a Sunday and ask.

Minus Can I get one-on-one training and help?
Generally the answer is no, however in some cases we can provide extra assistance to you and your dog. There are several Instructors within the club who can point you in the right direction to aid you in finding a commercial trainer suited to your dog and/or it's problem

Minus I still haven't found what I'm looking for?
You can email our information desk and they'll get back to you as soon as possible or you could contact us by telephone at club house after 7:15 AM on a Sunday (which is best).

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