Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club Inc, Sydney NSW, Australia


Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club (SSDTC) is an affiliate dog training club of the Dogs NSW. With a large number of members, of all ages and interests, SSDTC hosts a wide variety of talented and unique dog breeds.

SSDTC has existed and been training dog owners to train dogs since 1962. Numerous past and present members are well known in many different aspects of dog training. An even greater number of members, just enjoy training their canine companions, to be well mannered and socialised, while you also have the chance to meet other people, who are also having fun with their dogs.

As new members of a dog club once ourselves, we all remember our first lesson, the confusion, trying to cope with our dog and trying to remember all that was said to us.

So please feel free to look around the site, see what we do, have a read of and article or maybe download our New Membership Form. You could bring it along on Sunday during training times and join us in the pleasure of owning a happy, well trained companion!!!

If you'd like to know what's happened within the club over the last months have a look at The Wag our monthly Club Magazine.

Why not have a look an Article or two about your dog, training or even their name.

Remember, smile & be happy while your out and about with your canine companion and they'll enjoy making you happy too!

Hi,Welcome and enjoy your visit we did....
Welcome. Hope you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy training.....
Coming Events:

Easter Break ----> Sunday, 5th April 2014

Obedience + Rally-O Trial ----->Sunday,17th May 2014

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We're on Holidays but we'll be back!

First Day of Training in 2015 will be
Sunday 1st February 2015
It's a 8:00 am start but please make sure your at least 15-20 minutes early than that!

See you there!
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Please note: If you're looking to
join us, give yourself a bit of extra time!
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